Invisalign® Technology


At Lake Dental Care, we have made treatment even easier and more proficient with the use of our iTero® Digital Impression Scanner. This leading-edge technology allows us to take accurate 3D digital images of your mouth. By taking these scans we eliminate the need for impressions as well as expediting the process of starting your treatment.
The iTero® scanner is all about patient comfort. It delivers a digital impression that is much more accurate than a routine dental impression. The iTero® scanner does not expose our patients to any sort of radiation and is completely safe. The best part is that the iTero® scanner is fast and accurate. Your treatment is expedited and far superior when compared to previous methods using impressions.

My Invisalign® App

At Lake Dental Care, we are excited to support you through your Invisalign® treatment with the My Invisalign® mobile app, available on iPhone and Android devices.

The My Invisalign® app works to guide you through the process of treatment by providing a platform to share your experience with others, find answers, and achieve a beautiful smile.

With the My Invisalign® app, you’ll become more involved in your own treatment as you set out to discover a beautiful smile. Using the My Invisalign® app, snap a smiling selfie. The SmileView™ in-app tool will simulate the outcome of your personal transformation right before your eyes.

Affordable Invisalign® Treatment

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